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Deborah Potter is very interested in knowing about your experiences.  Please upload or write your story in the form on the right.  The best ten stories received by January 30, 2008 will receive a free, autographed copy of Let Buster Lead plus a free list of therapists in your area who treat PTSD, plus a FREE list of animal shelters in your area and a FREE list of Border Collie breeders throughout the USA.

Please write to her about your experience with, PTSD, pets adopted from animal shelters, your or a friend's therapy dog, or things you've done out of love for your pets.  Don't miss this opportunity.  She's waiting to hear from you!

Deborah D. Potter, Heroic Pets
Tell Deborah about a pet who saved someone's life.

Deborah D. Potter, PTSD in Our Lives
Tell Deborah about your or your friend's PTSD experience.

Deborah D. Potter, Assistance Dogs You Know
Tell Deborah about how you or your friend's dog provides help.

Deborah D. Potter, Shelter Pet Wonders
Tell Deborah a shelter dog Cinderella story.

Deborah D. Potter, Pampered Pets
Confess.  Tell Deborah the extreme behavior you or a friend has engaged in for love of a pet.